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Hobart Historic Cruises

Hobart Historic Cruises organises and operates the Derwent River harbour cruise tour, providing quality service to both global tourism and participating delegates. We have highly experienced crew members and also provide a boat charter service on our vessel ‘Spirit of Hobart’.

The company, which has been running the Derwent River harbour cruise tour for more than 30 years, has an excellent track record. We provide a first class service at affordable prices, which are highly competitive. Two of the most popular cruises are the lunch and dinner cruises, which can also be a great choice for visiting delegates.

The skipper on board provides an interesting and comprehensive commentary, on the Port of Hobart City. Alongside both banks of the Derwent River, there are sites and buildings of historical importance, together with features of geographical interest. You might also be lucky enough to encounter some dolphins or seals, frolicking about in the river, while cruising under the Tasman Bridge.

Harbour Cruises

We have two one-hour routes

  1. North route (Morning cruise at 11 am and Afternoon cruise 2.45 pm)
  2. South route (Afternoon cruise at 1.45 pm).

The North route travels up the river going inland, passing Botanical Gardens, Government House, under Tasman Bridge, crossing over the river to Rose Bay, then coming back from Montagu Bay.

The South route goes down the river around the bay, passing Battery Point, Sandy Bay, Casino, then over to eastern shore towards Bellerive Bluff and finally coming back from Kangaroo Bay.

The Lunch cruise (12.15 pm to 1.45 pm). This goes both up and down the river. Customers can spend an enjoyable 1 ½ hour seeing the sights and having a proper one-course meal.

The Dinner cruise (6 pm to 8 pm). This provides a full three-course meal together with free wine.

Boat Charter. Boat charter is available, providing catering, cocktails and special meals for private parties and functions.

Catering. Provide catering up to 140 passengers.

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Phone: 03 6200 9074

Email: info@hobarthistoriccruises.com

Address: Murray Street Pier, Hobart Waterfront.