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Leven River Cruises

Test your five senses with us: touch, see, smell, taste and hear the unique nature of the Leven River, in Ulverstone Tasmania

Everyone will love the magical views, tannin-rich reflections and the ability to get right up close to the rainforest and its abundant wildlife. If your after something different for the family to do then look no further.

Explore the area with the crew, aboard the 'Jus Leven' vessel. Your tour guide is devoted to ensuring that your family cruise experience will be a memorable one, with a maximum of 16 guests aboard any trip. You'll hear stories of the river and its people who have been visiting for over 120 years, and its extraordinary natural and cultural history; all while you enjoy the scenic extravaganza, the Leven River.

You'll see Sea Eagles soar through the air, then dive down to catch a fish. Try to spot the many nesting pairs that call the river banks their home. Cruising slowly: watch closely for the bright shimmering blue and vibrant orange of the Azure Kingfishers feathers, or the bright and noisy Green Rosellas, Pink Robins, and Whistlers, all who come out to sticky beak as you travel by. Under the low hanging tree branches and in among the muddy river banks look for a trail of bubbles on the surface of the water. You might just see a Platypus pop up to watch you cruise by!

The mirrored reflections of the Leven River due to the tea coloured water from the button grass plains upstream may the surface of the water during the cruise. These beautiful reflections have been admired and photographed for use in postcards for over 100 years. This unique reserve has been visited by tourists from around the world and displays an Everyone insight into a Tasmanian tourist destination and natural habitat enjoyed by visitors in the early 1900’s. Children can gain an insight into how protecting waterways like the Leven River, and its surrounding environment has provided a beautiful destination for visitors.

Leven River, Leven Park and Picnic Cruise – 3.5 Hours

The perfect outing for families and just the right amount of time for kids; the Picnic Cruise showcases the beauty of the River including a stop over at the historic 120-year-old Leven Park for a lunch. A picnic lunch can be provided* or families can BYO food and drinks, if preferred.

The fascinating and elusive Tasmanian flora and fauna that reside within the Leven River Catchments will be revealed close up on an exclusive guided tour of Leven Park Reserve, after lunch.


Book a Picnic Cruise on the Leven River, for only $220 (Two adults and up to three children ) save $100!

* A three-course picnic lunch can be prepared and served on your cruise. Prices are subject to change based on seasonal produce, please enquire when booking.

Bookings must be made directly via the number below to redeem offer. Please quote TASSIE4KIDS.

Address: Public Pontoon | Tasma Parade, Ulverstone, Tasmania 7315, Australia

Phone: Kim 0400 130 258

Email: kim@levenrivercruises.com.au

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