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Behind Tassie4Kids

Tassie4Kids is about taking you back to the places you hold dear in your heart. It's about reliving the warm and fuzzies of travelling with family. It's about reconnecting, and remembering why spending time together is so important. Tassie4Kids is all about Taking You There.

It was our love for adventures, spending quality time together and our strong desire to educate our kids about the most amazing backyard in Australia, Tasmania, that motivated us to create Tassie4Kids. As a family of five, we understand the importance of planning but also about letting go and just relaxing. Having twins in our house means a lot of routine and schedule, so learning to take things as they come is a big thing for us whilst on holiday. But whilst all of that side is important, it's not what a holiday is truly about.

It's about Learning. Loving. Discovering. Reconnecting. We wanted to create a way to showcase those important experiences. A way for families to come together, to be inspired, and to feel safe and secure with their decisions. We wanted to share the magic of Tasmania in a different way; different to any other travel site out there. We wanted to reconnect with what we held dear; Memories, Moments and Magic.

So what about us? We have always lived in Tasmania. I am from the North, my husband Daniel is from the West. We met on a cruise boat and fell in love. Daniel was the Captain and I was the tour guide. 11 years later we have a mortgage, three kids, a dog and a cat. We love BBQs, the beach, the bush and a great time. We're the typical Aussie family.

We have no desire to leave Tasmania. It is an amazing and unique place with endless locations to discover, stories to unravel and magical memories to make. We travel when we can but also like to spend time in our own hometown and region exploring life as it is. We love the many facets of Tasmania including its gorgeous beaches, bush, other towns and their amazing families and communities. If you've never been to Tassie before, you will end up loving these things, too.

How Are We Different To Other Travel Sites?

Because we share memories and provide incentives to reconnect with loved ones, we don't fit the mould of your typical travel agent website.

We have that insider knowledge, that passion for Tasmania and have real family travel experiences with our kids. Not to brag or anything but we also have loads of local knowledge, know where the best 'off track' experiences are and have over 16 years of professional experience in the tourism and hospitality industry in Tasmania.

Think of us as your good friends. We’re here when you need us. You can rely on what we say and do. We are the good friends you can trust.

We thoroughly research the places we talk about and pride ourselves on our content being honest, reliable and 100% family orientated. You'll also find that all Tassie4Kids Members who promote their business with us are backed 100%; qualifying to list with us if we have used their service and support it, or they come highly recommended by other families. Combine this research with our professional experience and you can trust that we will provide the best information out there to aid in having the trip of a lifetime with the ones you hold dearest - your family.

We also strongly believe that a holiday is what you make it and you don't need all the latest bells and whistles to enjoy travel, nor do you have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a good time. If we can save you money we will advise it but if we think its worth spending big, we will suggest that too! Our discounts are here to help you enjoy your holiday, not make your holiday, Think of them as a nice little bonus!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's go there!