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Brown Trout, Samuel Shelley

Central Highlands

Tasmania's Central Highlands is well known for its Great Lake; Australia's second-largest freshwater lake measuring 114 km². Every winter the area receives heavy snowfall with most of Tasmania's coldest temperatures being recorded at Liawenee. The summer season brings many shack-goers, dropping in for a spot of trout fishing and lakeside relaxation.

The main attractions of the Central Highlands are fishing, bushwalking, bird watching and recreational shooting. The area has a rich history with Hydro Power, with many historic power stations still providing power to Tasmania and the mainland via Bass-link today. Many travels to visit the historical hydro villages, such as Tarraleah, Waddamana and Wayatinah.

There are also many stories from old-timers of Thylacines walking the area. It's the perfect country for them, and easy hunting grounds. If you hear what sounds like someone coughing in the night, bets are it's a Tasmanian Tiger.

Fly fishing at Penstock Lagoon, Samuel Shelley
Aerial of Nineteen Lagoons, Samuel Shelley

Images: Fly fishing at Penstock Lagoon and Aerial of Nineteen Lagoons, by Samuel Shelley

Towns 4 Kids

Hydropower is in every town or small area found within the Highlands, you'll find these places easily on a travel map. Hamilton, Ouse, Derwent Bridge and Bronte Park are the largest towns with limited services available.

  • Arthurs Lake
  • Bothwell
  • Bronte Park
  • Derwent Bridge / Lake St Claire
  • Gretna
  • Ellendale
  • Fentonbury
  • Hamilton
  • Liaweene
  • Meina
  • Ouse
  • Stepps
  • Waddamana
  • Westerway
Pine Lake Walk, Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh
Greatlakes The Macfarlanes

Images: Pine Lake Walk by Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh, and Arthurs Lake.

What you should know

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