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Brown Trout, Samuel Shelley

Central Highlands

Tasmania's Central Highlands is well known for its Great Lake; Australia's second largest freshwater lake measuring 114 km². Every winter the area receives heavy snowfall with most of Tasmania's coldest temperatures being recorded at Liawenee. The summer season brings many shack-goers, dropping in for a spot of trout fishing and lakeside relaxation.

The main attractions for the Central Highlands are fishing, bushwalking, bird watching and recreational shooting. The area has a rich history with Hydro Power, with many historic power stations still providing power to Tasmania and the mainland via Bass-link today. Many travel to visit the historical hydro villages, such as Tarraleah, Waddamana and Wayatinah.

There are also many stories from old timers of Thylacines walking the area. Its perfect country for them, and easy hunting grounds. If you hear what sounds like someone coughing in the night, bets are its a Tasmanian Tiger.

Fly fishing at Penstock Lagoon, Samuel Shelley
Aerial of Nineteen Lagoons, Samuel Shelley

Images: Fly fishing at Penstock Lagoon and Aerial of Nineteen Lagoons, by Samuel Shelley

Towns 4 Kids

Hydropower this is not every town or small area found within the Highlands, you'll find these places easily on a travel map. Hamilton, Ouse, Derwent Bridge and Bronte Park are the largest towns with limited services available.

  • Arthurs Lake
  • Bothwell
  • Bronte Park
  • Derwent Bridge / Lake St Claire
  • Gretna
  • Ellendale
  • Fentonbury
  • Hamilton
  • Liaweene
  • Meina
  • Ouse
  • Stepps
  • Waddamana
  • Westerway
Pine Lake Walk, Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh
Greatlakes The Macfarlanes

Images: Pine Lake Walk by Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh, and Arthurs Lake.

What you should know

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