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Tasman Peninsula

The Tasman Peninsula, to the south-east of Hobart, is the site of Australia's famous Penal Station; Port Arthur. The World Heritage Site is surrounded by amazing natural wonders, many of which you can visit on foot or by boat

A visit to the Port Arthur Historic Site is a must for any family. The amazing guides will bring the history, achievements and its tragic past to life as you make your way around the site. Near the top of the Peninsula is the Coal Mines Historic Site, where you can take a self-guided tour around the ruins.

Geologically, the Tasman Peninsula is home to a number of Tasmania's top natural wonders; such as Remarkable Cave, the Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen. The coastal cliffs along the south side are globally significant, and you can see them up close on The Tasman Island Cruise.

There is an abundance of marine wildlife and a number of spectacular walks. You will need to spend at least a day on the Peninsula, but we recommend two. One for the Port Arthur Site, the other for the cruises and to drive around the area. If you can spend three days you will get to see everything!

Coalmins Travelwithjess
Tasmanpen Runjarra

Images: Coal Mines Historic Site and Tesselated Pavement

Towns 4 Kids in this area

Whilst this is not every town or small area within the Peninsula, you'll find these places easily on a travel map. Dunalley and Nubeena are the largest towns with the most major services available.

  • Dunnalley
  • Nubeena
  • Port Arthur
  • Murdunna
  • Eaglehawk Neck
  • White Sands
  • Taranna
Portarthur Theblondenomads
Port Arthur, By The Blonde Nomads
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Remarkable Cave

Images: Port Arthur Historic Site and Remarkable Cave

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