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The Big Tassie Lap Activity Book

No matter how exciting the journey is or its destination or even the array of delicious snacks you've provided for the kids it's a guarantee there will be a time when you hear the dreaded 'are we there yet', or 'I'm bored' coming from in the back! There are only so many songs you can sing or games of 'eye spy' to play before it gets overdone. The solution? Our Tassie4Kids Activity Book!

The Big Tassie Lap Activity Book ain’t an ordinary activity book. Made by parents of school-age kids, every page is Tasmanian-based with loads of educational facts, challenges and outdoor activities. There are even curriculum-based learning outcomes! The feedback we've received proves it the perfect accompaniment to a family holiday around Tasmania!

With over 80 pages of road trip activities, the kids will have hours of fun as they travel!

Our book includes:

  • Mazes
  • Colouring in pages
  • Word Finds
  • Eye spy
  • Quirky quizzes
  • Fast Facts
  • Travel Maps
  • Create Characters
  • Journal Entries,
  • and more!
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