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Snow on Cradle Mountain, Pierre Destribats

Cradle Country

One of Tasmania's most iconic regions; a family trip through Cradle Country will not disappoint. With so much to do on the route and at Cradle Mountain itself, we suggest you plan at least three days to travel through the area.

From Launceston, stop in at the Town of Murals. Also known as Sheffield, you'll be captivated by stunning Mt Roland in the background. Not far away is Tasmazia; the Village of Lower Crackpot. This place will leave you with sore bellies from laughing, getting lost in the mazes and finding your way out always creates fun and special memories. From Devonport, the kids will enjoy the quirky town of Wilmot and its eclectic letterboxes that line the roadside.

If you have ventured in from Deloraine and plan to stop in at Mole Creek, be sure to visit the Caves. With a number of tours available the kids will love the glow worms and prehistoric cave spider. If spiders or caverns aren't your things call into Trowunna and visit the Tasmania Devils.

We love how the landscape changes the closer you get to Cradle Mountain. The transition from eucalyptus forest to alpine wilderness is breathtakingly beautiful. Take your time and enjoy this part of the drive. Keep an eye out for wombats, too! The list is endless for what we can do in the region. The wildlife is right at your feet and the educational experiences are second to none. A child's playground, this region cannot be left off your itinerary!

Snowcradle Kristynjones
Tasmazia Runjarra

Images: Cradle Mountain and Tasmazia

Cradle Mountain

Famous for its cradle-shaped mountain peak, the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Claire National Park and World Heritage Area offers spectacular and isolated wilderness experiences that the whole family will cherish for years to come.

As one of our top five Tassie destinations, Cradle Mountain is stunning in every way. Our kids love being here no matter what time of year. We have done rain, hail, snow and blazing sunshine. Newborns, toddlers, primary school-aged and teens. We have loads of fun. Every time.

As soon as you arrive, you will need to head to the Visitor Centre and purchase a parks pass to allow access into the Park beyond the boom gate. Then, head to the interpretation centre opposite Peppers Lodge and have a look at their 3D plan of the park. This is outside of the boom gate so you can drive and park your car here. As a family, you can decide here what activities to do and what you will need to take for each one. After that, you are good to go!

Towns 4 Kids in Cradle Country

Whilst this is not every town or small area within Cradle Country, you'll find these places easily on a travel map. Sheffield and Railton are the largest towns with the most major services available.

  • Cradle Valley (National Park area)
  • Wilmot
  • Paradise
  • Mole Creek
  • Moina
  • Nowhere Else
  • Sheffield
  • Railton
  • Gowrie Park
Sheffield Travellingwellnessshow
Wombatcradle Ashastott

Images: Sheffield Murals and a wombat at Cradle Mountain

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