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Tassie4Kids has grown considerably in the past twelve months. From humble beginnings we have reached out to hundreds of thousands of families across Australia, resulting in becoming Tasmania’s go-to resource for

respected, trusted and value for money family-based travel advice.

What makes us unique however is how we share our information. Yes, we offer specials, and exclusive deals and have Australia’s first Family Certification Program and Booking platform, but what we also have is our essence – our passion for reconnection.

Travel marketing is changing from a focus on coupons, deals and flashy, busy ads to simply an inspiring image with minimal text. When choosing a destination, a place to stay or an offer, there is a need to feel like the ad delivers value, and that what is being promoted will connect to their personality. That’s why we have changed our approach to ads across our platforms, minimising their design with an image that stirs up emotions, and creates curiosity to visit, stay or taste what is seen.

Our ads are just part of our new focus. With hundreds of promotional campaigns catering to this demand, we needed to become unique to stand apart from any competitor. And, we do. We have become storytellers, creators of memories and inspirers of making magical moments with our loved ones, which in our case, our families. No other travel platform promotes in this way, nor do they focus on the intangible over the tangible as we do.

Tassie4Kids is the heart and soul of family travel. It is for our parents who wish to recreate their childhood memories of happiness with their grandchildren. It is for us, to experience our hearts beat with unfathomable love as we watch our children discover, learn and love. And, it is for our kids. The future of tomorrow. Our mini me’s, our everything, our main inquisitors! Tassie4Kids shares the stories that make you think back to your own memories, inspiring you to get out, travel and recreate your own new memories with the ones you love, your family.

Our new website launches in September 2018 replacing the existing Tassie4Kids site, unveiling Live Bookings and our new Advertising opportunities. We invite you to join us, as we set the standard for family travel in Tasmania, across Australia, and eventually, around the world.


We offer a range of advertising options to suit your business needs. Our opportunities to promote your business go live when our new website launches, in the first week of September. Spots are limited so get in quick if you wish to be part of the first round.