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The Midlands

If you are setting out from Launceston or Hobart and driving through the Midlands (the centre of Tassie), you'll travel along the Midland Highway. Also known as the Heritage Highway get the kids to keep an eye out for some notorious Bush-rangers, a horse and coach and a stealth Tasmanian Tiger overlooking the highway from atop of a hill!

Tasmania's Midlands boasts a rich colonial history. Before transportation ended in 1851, the majority of convicts in Tasmania were put on assignment helping to shape the area into what it is today. As a result, there are many buildings, landmarks and properties along the Midlands route that are heritage listed nationally, some with World Heritage recognition. Some of Australia's oldest colonial landmarks can be found at Oatlands and Ross; the convict bridge.

The drive from Hobart to Launceston, or vice versa, generally takes around two & a half hours. We suggest you make a day of it and the kids will thank you for it. Educationally, this region has a lot of history to discover and there is a strong Indigenous heartbeat right through the middle. Every town has a unique story different from the next. Tales of skulduggery, bushrangers and sheep thieves are common themes!

Towns 4 Kids Through the Midlands

Whilst this is not every town or small area in the Midlands, you'll find these places easily on a travel map. Campbell Town, Oatlands and Ross are the largest towns with the most services available.

  • Cressy
  • Conara
  • Cambell Town
  • Turnbridge
  • York Plains
  • Ross
  • Oatlands
  • Kempton
  • Bagdad
  • Parattah

What you should know

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