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10 Accommodation Hacks For Young Kids

Travelling often, we have stayed in many different accommodation types. As a family, we've all piled into a single room, had joining rooms, used porta-cots and single beds. We even had to put our 3 month old twins onto a queen bed as there was no other option (they couldn't move and used their own grobags ). Here are our top bedding hacks, and a few hotel room tips thrown in for good measure.

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Ask for a room away from the elevator or stairs

And if possible, a room with only one neighbour. Quite often people are noisy returning to their rooms, and if you are next to an elevator or stairs your kids are likely to hear it and wake up if not sound sleepers. Having one neighbour works for both parties. Less noise for you and if your kids are excited about their holiday; only one side to worry about if they start screaming

Use a dresser, table or bathroom bench as a make shift change-table

Rooms always have spare towels. Lay a towel on the bench with your change matt on top, to prevent having to get a clean towel every time there is a wee leak. To reduce your plastic use, get the bin liner and use that as your dirty nappy bag over night/morning. Empty it when you leave for the day.

No cot? No problem!

If there are single beds, rearrange them with a dresser at one end and the wall at another, a bed on either side. This will make an enclosed rectangular space between it all. As younger children need to lay on harder surfaces to prevent suffocation, a few warm wool and fleece blankets layed on the floor will add warmth underneath, and then add their normal bedding on top. Works a treat as it creates a secure environment and limits lights from TVs ect from distracting them from sleep. The room will need to be warm and the floor a quality carpet in order to not create chills from underneath.

Use a rolled up blanket to stop kids from rolling out of bed

We do this at home when we transition to a toddler bed as well. Pool noodles are great, but who carries one of them with them on holiday?! Pillows also work if placed under the bottom sheet at the edge of the bed.

Ask for a roll away/ roll out bed if there are no porta-cots

You will feel more relaxed about your baby rolling out of bed if they are close to the ground. Not very common in Tasmanian hotel style accommodation, a roll-out may be simply a lucky find.

Two hotel sitting room chairs as a bed

By pushing these two generally unused chairs together you have a small toddler bed! Line with soft blankets and a pillow, and a folded single quilt on top and you have an exciting yet practical little holiday bed! Just be mindful of the fall if your little one likes to climb.

Have enough change to do a load of washing

Majority of accommodation venues have a laundry, and provide washing powder. If possible, having your own washing powder will save you money in the long run. Keep a zip lock back in your handbag for loose change to do loads of washing of a night, while you go for tea, and then dry it while the kids have their baths and collect before you go to sleep.

Bring your own dish liquid and sponge

If you are staying in a typical hotel room there is not likely to be a kitchen, so you will have to wash your children's plates and cups in the bathroom. $2 shops normally have small empty travel size shampoo bottles which are ideal for putting dish liquid in!

Bring at least two power point covers

You may have one of those inquisitive children that just insists on poking things into places they shouldn't be poked! Never take them out of your suitcase and you will always be prepared

Bring a night light

Young kids often become spooked at shadows, noises and places they are not familiar with. A night light will not only help your little one rest easy, but will provide a light to navigate around and save you leaving a lamp on. If you don't have space to bring one, a great idea is a teddy with a glowing centre. Can pick these up at Target and similar stores.

What do you do when you travel with kids? We would love to hear your stories!