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A museum all about Poo? How Taboo!

You cant help but have a childish giggle when talking about poo! We've never come across anything like this before either and we were very Intrigued,! So much that we couldn't wait to chat with founder Karin Koch about her amazingly interesting, and rather different, Poo Museum!

2 Karin Koch Director

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Karin! We were so excited to learn that there was a Pooseum in Tasmania!

Yes! We are located in the historic town of Richmond, a short drive from Hobart.

What a weird but wonderful idea your museum is! What inspired to you open a Pooseum?

With a background in arts, tourism and event management, I was looking for a new project when I read a story about a small caterpillar being able to launch its poo up to 1.5 m away. Intrigued, I started to do some research on animal faeces, and soon the idea for a poo museum was born. Our Pooseum opened in July 2018.

5 Digestion Room

So tell us, what sort of poo can we find in a Pooseum?

A Poopetrator! Children love it. Its interactive and features real poo. We also have fossilised dinosaur poos and a huge range of PooTube videos of pooping animals such as a hippo, caterpillar, grizzly bear and snails!

That's hillarious! What about those with younger kids, what stands out?

Everything! We have 3D models of the anatomy of 10 different animals on a touchscreen, a kids corner with a box of poo related books for free reading, jigsaw puzzles and word searches!

We even have fake poo, with a recipe for how to make it!

One of our favourite displays is our farting machine and scales, which can tell the kids (of all ages) how long it takes an elephant to poo their weight.

A farting machine? That sounds like it could be stinky! I bet the older kids love it! What else do they enjoy?

They do! The older kids enjoy reading and learning from the information panels throughout the museum. We also have a range of educational, yet very interesting videos on 3 touchscreens.

3 Exhibition Space

Would you say the Pooseum is suitable for all ages?

Yes, but it is not aimed at young infants such as babies or toddlers.

And for those parents with kids who have specific needs?

The Pooseum is wheelchair friendly, and we have a disabled toilet. I’ve also had autistic children visit who were fascinated by the topic of poo and had a really great time. For those bringing infants we have a change table in the bathroom.

4 Interactive Display

Do you provide guided tours or can families walk around at their own pace?

I explain to every visitor the various parts of the exhibition, then it is self- guided.

We think the Pooseum is the best place for a group family photo! Where is the best spot at your museum to take one?

Outside in front of the large Pooseum sign. Keep an eye out for our bronze sculpture of a pooping puppy in front of the building, providing an even better photo opportunity. He is arriving soon!

1 Pooseum

Being based in Richmond, families should make a day of visiting the area. What other activities or places should families take the kids too see?

Richmond has lots of family friendly activities and places to see, but my favorites are

  • Old Hobart Town Model Village,
  • Richmond Bridge,
  • Richmond Gaol,
  • Sweets & Treats, and
  • Zoodoo Zoo

Any travelling tips for families travelling through your area?

My top five tips are:

  1. Make sure you have enough time, there is a lot to do in Richmond, especially in summer when you might want to take a walk along the river or have a picnic.
  2. Plan an hour for the Pooseum visit.
  3. Drive up to St John the Evangelist Catholic Church for a fantastic view over the Coal River Valley.
  4. The public toilets are behind the post office.
6 Coprolites

Karin; do you have your own kids?

Yes, I have 3 children (27, 26 and 20). I have also tutored children in maths since the age of 15.

Best Coffee?

Ashmore, on Bridge Street!

And lastly, where about's in Richmond are you?

We're located right on Richmond’s main street; one of the first buildings on the right when coming from Hobart.

Thanks so much for all that wonderful info, Karin. Its been great to talk with you and find out more about your Pooseum!

To know more about Karin's Pooseum, you can visit the very cool website, below!