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Bicheno Has A Coastal Haven...

The owners of the newly built Apartments on Fraser Bicheno have taken 'Self Contained' to a whole new level. And we LOVE it! Its every travelling families wish to find a modern, spacious, light and homely accommodation. We think these apartments will make the wish list for anyone heading to the East Coast of Tasmania!

We caught up with Bicheno resident Karen who runs these amazing 2017 built apartments. We got the down low on all the great parts of the East Coast for families, and a little inside info on what makes Bicheno, and these beautiful home away from homes, so special.

2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Kids
2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno

TASSIE4KIDS: Thanks for joining us, Karen. We are really excited about your new family accommodation! Firstly, introduce yourself to our readers:

KAREN: Hi. , my name is Karen and I manage Apartments on Fraser Bicheno located on the sunny East Coast of Tasmania.

Your living right in the heart of Tasmania’s East Coast; why should families include this region in their holiday? There is so much to do in and around Bicheno whilst on holiday. Our must see and do’s include East Coast Nature World wildlife park, Glass bottom boat rides, and Penguin Tours. There are amazing local beaches, rock pools to explore, the 'Blow hole', Whalers Lookout, and lots of self guided walks around the foreshore and lookouts to give you a sense of the Bicheno lifestyle.

What can you tell us about Bicheno? Bicheno is a town on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. Approx 2.5 hours drive north-east of Hobart on the Tasman Highway (Great Eastern Drive) and 2 hours drive from Launceston, with a population of 850. The town is primarily a fishing port and a beach resort. Beautiful location to stop, relax and explore.

You’ve recently built your apartments. What makes them so great for families? The apartments are ideal for visitors who are self catering and include full kitchen and laundry facilities. Built by the owners and completed late 2017, the three apartments are designed for the traveler who wants to cater for themselves and stay one night or holiday for an extended period of time. There are 2 one bedroom apartments and one 2 bedroom apartment that sleeps up to four people. All three apartments include an outdoor BBQ deck area with tables and chairs.

What do you feel is best feature of Apartments on Fraser Bicheno, for families? Each apartment is modern, spacious, light and self contained. The two-bedroom apartment has a covered front deck with BBQ and table and chairs, and a lawn area fenced with gates complimented by a second outdoor deck patio with table and chairs.

2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno
2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno

Would you say they are suitable for all ages of kids? A family with an infant or a teenager? Yes! We can supply a high chair on request, and we have a great selection of books, DVDs and games to play in the two bedroom apartment.

Do you cater for children with mobility issues, such as those with wheelchairs? Each apartment is spacious and uncluttered, but access to each apartment is via steps. We do have a walk-in shower and are happy to do what we can to make everyone stay as enjoyably as possible.

2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno
2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno

What are your top five activities or places of interest, for a visiting family in and around Bicheno? Ill give you eight!

  1. East Coast Nature World Wildlife park and Devil Park
  2. Walk the foreshore track to The Blowhole
  3. Walk the beaches and National Parks to see a range of native birds – you might even see he endanged swift parrot
  4. Whalers Lookout walk
  5. Swim in Waubs Bay Beach
  6. Glass Bottom Boat
  7. Penguin Tours
  8. Watch out for Whales in Waub’s Bay, especially from July to November, and dolphins all year round.

The younger kids will love? Visiting East Coast Nature World Wildlife park and Devil Park.

The older kids will love? Swimming and exploring the rock pools and taking a boat ride on the Glass Bottom boat.

2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno
2018 Tassie4Kids Apartments on Fraser Bicheno

The best place to take a family photo in Bicheno is? You have a couple of options.; The Blow Hole, The Gulch or Waubs Bay Beach.

What are your tips for families travelling throughout the East Coast?

  1. Pre-purchase a Parks and Wildlife pass prior to the journey.
  2. Wear comfortable walking shoes, remember a hat and sunscreen.
  3. Pack a jacket just in case!
  4. Pack water bottles for day trip walks.

And most parents are going to want a great coffee. Where are your go to places in town? You'll find good coffee at the Blue Edge Bakery, Pasini’s Café, and Little Bay Patisserie.

Thanks for sharing, Karen! Apartments on Fraser Bicheno are a fantastic place to call home with the family whilst exploring the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania. If you'd like to know more about Karens place, or love it so much you want to book - click here!

Apartments on Fraser Bicheno are a Tourism Industry Accredited Tasmania and Rainbow Tasmania Accredited property.

Secrets About Karen: Karen would be what you would class as 'Royalty' in the tourism industry. An inspiring mentor and very knowledgeable, caring, family woman; Karen has been involved in the tourism, hospitality and business events industries for 35 years. Her achievements are great: most recently awarded Tourism Northern Tasmania, Champions of Tourism Awards for First Class Volunteer and Personality of the Year 2017. Having spent many years facilitating the standard expected within the tourism industry the opportunity to manage a property that delivers to that standard in one of her favourite places; was too good to refuse. That opportunity is Apartments on Fraser Bicheno. But, shhhh! Don't tell her we told you that!