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Explore Hobart From The Water

Australia's oldest city has lots of great activities for families. There is always a special event or show happening every day of the week and you can walk around Salamanca, the wharf area, and then into the city exploring and quite easily fill your day. We love Hobart for its rich hisotry, her grand old buildings, the parks, museums, specialty tasmanian stores and delicious food, and, we love it for the Derwent River.


Images L-R: Mt Wellington /kunanyi Summit by Paul Fleming; and, The Derwent River with Tasman Bridge, by Events Tasmania and Alastair Bett

To see the Derwent River in all her glory, you'll need to take the family on a cruise. There are many options - catch the Ferry to Mona, book a trip with Peppermint Bay Cruises or, you can plan your day and make the most of your travel time by going on a lunch cruises with one of the Souths longest running tour operators - Hobart Historic Tours. For less than what it would cost you to take your family out for tea, you can take the family out for lunch lunch or dinner, and cruise along the Derwent River at the same time! Explore the area, spot wildlife and enjoy the sites.

We love it when we come across a great family deal, and this is one. We caught up with Christina from Hobart Historic Cruises to find a bit more about their lunch cruise, and why families are loving the trip.


Images L-R: Hobart wharf, by Stuart Gibson; and, Murray Pier, Hobart Historic Crusies.

TASSIE4KIDS: Introduce yourself to our readers! Hobart Historic Cruises: Hi, my name is Christina and I’m a receptionist at Hobart Historic Cruises.

Hobart Historic Cruises are right in the heart of Hobart. Tell us about your trips: We go north under the Tasman Bridge, and also head south down to Wrest Point Casino. Lunch is included in the 1.5hours Lunch Cruise. We also have short one hour cruises, which depart daily at 11am, 1.45pm, and 2.45pm.

How long have you been running for? We have been taking families up and down the Derwent for more than 30 years, so we know it pretty well!

Tell us about the Derwent River. What sort of sites and attractions might families see on one of your trips? The North route travels up the river going inland, passing the Royal Botanical Gardens and Government House. We cruise under the Tasman Bridge crossing over the river to Rose Bay. We then come back via Montagu Bay.

The South route goes down the Derwent River around the bay, passing by the historic Battery Point, Sandy Bay and Wrest Point Casino. We then over to the eastern shore towards Bellerive Bluff and return via Kangaroo Bay.


As one of Tasmania’s longest running cruise companies, you’re bound to have seen some amazing things. Can you share with us some of your highlights? Of course! We have the best position; where we dock our boat. Our wharf is next to the finishing line of the annual Sydney-Hobart yacht racing, so if you are on a cruise you can get closer to watch the race. The Wooden Boat Festival is one of the largest boat festivals in Hobart, and we have seen many amazing boats docked next to us. We also get to see a lot of large cruise ships coming to Hobart. we found ourselves so small in comparison to those cruise ships!

What makes your boat, the 'Spirit of Hobart', special? Our boat is unique, and located right in the center of Hobart. We are really affordable for families and provide quality food with friendly staff. Our Captain has over 40 years experience, too!


Do you provide food and beverages on board? Yes we do, we have all sorts of Tasmanian juices, soft drinks, wines and beers available. We cook lunch on the boat using the freshest ingredients bought from local markets. Lunch is included in your ticket price.

Could a family with a pram or a child with special needs (wheelchair friendly) come for a cruise? Yes, our boat is pram and wheelchair friendly. Even bicycle friendly.

Do you recommend families book ahead? How best to book? Of course, for families they can just call us to book or book online through our website.


How much are your trips? One hour cruise is $28 per adult and $10 per kid ages 5-12, all kids under 5 are free. Lunch cruise is $38 including the lunch, $27 for kids. Dinner cruise is $59 including three courses meal and free wine, $36 for kids.

What is the main difference between Hobart Historic Cruises and other Hobart Cruises? Why should families pick you? We are one of a kind where you can enjoy the beauty of the Derwent River while having a freshly cooked lunch. Our prices are affordable for families and our captain’s commentary is very educational for kids; they will learn a lot about the history in Hobart which will help when families explore other areas.


What kind of clothing and footwear should families wear when coming on a trip? Casual, we have a relaxed atmosphere on the boat.

Do you have a recent review from you can share with us: Of course. This is one from our Trip Advisor page, by a family who travelled with us:

“The Hobart Historic Cruise was perfect for our family. A lovely, relaxing trip on the Derwent River. We only did the South cruise due to needing to be back for the kids’ nap times but would have loved to stay on the boat to experience the North cruise too. Our family of 5 (kids aged 10 months, 2 years and 4 years) sat on the comfortable couches but also enjoyed venturing outside to watch the water and the views. The commentary was educational and informative about the Hobart area.

A great activity for anyone, including families who want to see Hobart from the water and learn more about this lovely city.”
— James and Debbie
Spirit of Hobart.JPG

What are your top five activities or places of interest for families visiting Hobart?

  1. Of oucrse, our Hobart historic cruise is number one!
  2. Take the drive up Mt Wellington and view the river from the top
  3. Take the ferry to Bruny Island and explore
  4. Spend a day or two at Port Arthur Historic Sites.
  5. Take the drive to Richmond, see the convict bridge and goal, and enjoy some ice cream.

For mums and dads that need a coffee: We provide great coffee on the boat!

Thanks so much, Christine! Its great to know more about whats available in Hobart for families. Feel free to share this with others!