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Family Travel In Tasmania - What Time Of Year Is Best To Go?

Ever wondered when the best time to travel in Tassie is? With three tourist seasons: Winter, Shoulder and Summer, each season offering a very different adventure!

We have traveled at all times of the year. The rain can make for the best experience at Cradle Mountain; drops glisten on magical ferns and mist sweeps through snow capped valleys over tannin rich rivers. Its the perfect photo opportunity.

The summer is warm and inviting; perfect for longs days spend at the beach on the East Coast, or an afternoon by the Hobart city waterfront exploring our maritime history in Salamanca finishing with locally caught fish, and chips.

Shoulder offers cool mornings and warm days, Magical times for traveling through the wilderness, going on hikes or exploring our nature parks to say hello to the young wildlife that's just been born.


Summer - December to April

Summer in Tasmania is wonderful. If you're after a casual, laid back holiday full of beaches and delicious food, then this is the holiday season for your family.

The hot northerly winds warm up our little Island, making the beaches along the East Coast the place to be. Camping, fishing, swimming and exploring are a must during this time, as is hiking, climbing, going on bush walks or simply exploring our towns and cities at your own pace.

The streets are alive well into the night with late night dining and twilight tours often operate throughout the summer. Perfect if you have kids that need days sleeps; you can make the most of daylight savings as it doesn't get dark until after 9 pm! Plus, we all know that a three hour drive with kids is really, like, five... Another perk is accommodation offices tend to be open longer; how nice is it to be met with a friendly face upon arrival? You never know if you need assistance with the WiFi or the port-a-cot you requested has been overlooked.

The peak season in Tasmania starts around the Christmas holidays, or end of the school year and lasts until school goes back for families, and around the end of March before Tasmania slows down. Prices can rise during this period to cover additional employees to operate our visitor experiences and business, to meet demand.

Winter - May to September

During the winter months, Tasmania comes alive with snow capped mountains, roaring waterfalls and magical mist throughout the valleys and across the mighty rivers. Its a photographers paradise and the wild wilderness adventures you can have through snow will create memories you'll never forget.

During the slower months, a number of businesses reduce their tours and run on demand. This can be great if your after a personalised experience just with your family. It will at times, require planning around what is running on certain days, as timetables tend to change as well.

A big perk for winter is travel is generally cheaper. Airlines and the Spirit of Tasmania offer great deals and with less people travelling around, rates are cheaper on accommodation and experiences. If you are on a tight budget, don't mind planning and enjoy the natural elements, then Winter is the time for your family.

Shoulder - May, and September through till November.

You can expect a combination of winter and summer. Some businesses will operate at summer hours, due to the continued demand and type of tour they offer; others wont. Prices are mid range. Less that summer but more than winter. It pays to do a bit of planning for these times of the year.

You'll find the wind picks up around August and September, and it tends to rain a bit in May. However, you're family is going to love Tasmania during this time, it is Spring and Autumn after all! The major city parks are full of stunning colours from falling leaves in Autumn to beautiful flowers during Spring. Our agricultural industries are alive with lambs and calves, and many of our wildlife species have their offspring as well.

If you love animals and the smell of new growth, then Spring is the time for your family. If you love the magical colours of Autumn, or want to enjoy Tasmania when the skies are clear after a morning of frost, then Autumn is the time to travel.