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The Pyengana Princess

Down below the mountains,

where the grass grows lush and long,

You’ll find a paddock with a building,

Known to many as the Pub.

Nearby you’ll also find a dairy

With some rather delicious cheese,

There’s a great track to a waterfall,

And a lookout that will please.

But the real highlight for any visitor

Who explores the magical north east,

Is a trip to this special paddock,

To meet the famous princess; a pig!

Known to the locals as Priscilla,

She eat slops and left overs all day,

You’ll often find her lazing in the mud

Or sleeping, snoring loudly in the shade.

This Pig really enjoys a visitor,

She often oinks to say hello,

You can pat her on the head,

And she’ll sniff you with her nose.

But what Priscilla really loves,

more than pats and mud and slops,

Is an ice cold Tassie beer,

Sourced at the local establishment,

The historical Pyengana Pub!

Pubinthepaddock Thosecrazygeardkids

The Pub in the Paddock Pyengana is home to Priscilla the Beer Drinking Pig. The areacan be accessed in between Derby and St Helens.

The pub offers accommodation, lunch and dinner.