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Ultimate Family Guide To Launceston's City Park

Plan for a family picnic at Launceston's City Park. Find a spot on the lush, green grass. The kids can run around chasing each other, while you sit back and relax in the shade of an old English tree. This park has it all from playgrounds, level paths to scoot or ride on, and magical flower gardens fit for fairies and elves. The kids will love the huge open spaces and will be thrilled to see the monkeys at play. You can easily spend a whole day here! If you are travelling on a budget then this is the perfect place to bring the family, and Its all free!

Located right in the CBD, there are entries to the park from all corners. The park itself has been in existence since the early 1800s. Now, there are an abundance of large grass areas perfect for running, jumping, kicking or throwing a ball.

Every time we head to Launceston we always stop at this park. We often pack some sandwiches and drinks into our bags and take it with us. There are plenty of seats and nice spots to sit so we don't bother with blankets or rugs. One of our favourite spots is at the big cannon on the top of the hill not far from the playground. We often head up there to eat and look down at the view, while the kids climb all over it. We push the pram easily along all of the parks tracks too, and there are toilets at the Albert Hall end.

Here are our top points about City Park:

  1. The park is completely fenced off, with open gates at all corners except for the playground end in which there is a child safety gate after the main entry gate.
  2. The playground at one end offers swings, monkey bars, a train to play in, slides, ropes and chains to climb, balls to spin and small rocking animals.
  3. There is a small child toilet at the playground with has a barn like door.
  4. There are BBQs near the playground.
  5. A giant water fountain offers free water, this is great to refill drink bottles!
  6. The John Hart Conservatory offers beautiful flowers to smell and water features.
  7. Tracks wind up and down hills inside the park, perfect for bike riding
  8. A duck pond
  9. A giant Chess board
  10. There are MONKEYS! Part of a deal with Launceston's international sister city, japan, the country gifted the city with monkeys - Japanese Macaques. They live in a n exhibit near the Albert Hall end, and are accessible to everyone. Kids will love watching them play, seeing the babies riding their mothers back as they climb up and down the rocks.
  11. A great kid friendly cafe is located near the monkeys, with excellent outdoor seating.
  12. A Thomas like train offers rides to kids every day throughout the park.
  13. School holidays, Christmas and Easter offer great family activities, workshops, concerts and events, most of which are free.
  14. The paths are perfect for riding bikes, scooters or rollerblades. They wind up and down the whole length of the park, and as the area is so open you can allow for the kids to have a bit of space and still be able to see them.
  15. You can access the park on foot from other great family activities - Launceston Aquatic Centre, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Village Cimimas, Kids Adventure World.

So if you have time to head here, we highly recomend it. Each season offers something different - summer is warm and inviting, with lots of family activities generally held in the park at this time. Winter is cooler but offers perfect frosts which in Launceston, generally means a spectaclar day! Autumn means piles upon piles of leaves for kids to jump in and throw and spring brings out all the new flowers and they are simply magical!

The only negative if it even is one, is parking in peak summer and school holidays, and some weekends can be tricky. The closest free car park is Kmart, which you can easily walk from, approx 7 minutes. All other nearby parking is metered.